'Keeping the Movie Going Experience ALIVE'..Theatrically !


The Plaza Theatre at Laurieton was built in 1959, before this date films were exhibited across the road in the School of Arts hall.

The theatre was operated by George Hastorius and Bruce Longsworth. In the early 70's Bruce Longsworth bought the other partner out. After Bruce's death in 1972 the theatre was leased out to a variety of people.

Baz Luhrmann's father was the projectionist in the early 70's, and this is the point in Baz's life where he was bitten by the motion picture industry bug. Of course the rest is history.

In 1999 David McGowan purchased the freehold and set about bringing the past movie exhibition standards back to life. David grew up in the film business, operating cinemas in Queensland regional and suburban during the 60's and 70's. Mindfull of his training with Hoyts and Greater Union cinemas in the 60's, he set about re birthing the Laurieton Plaza Theatre to what it is today.

A VISIT TO THE PLAZA THEATRE IS A REAL STEP BACK IN TIME. Pictured is the Original projection equipment.


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'Keeping the Movie Going Experience ALIVE'..Theatrically !